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Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review


The Redmi telephones is the place everything began for Xiaomi and the arrangement is still by a wide margin the organization’s generally significant. It became colossally throughout the years, with the most elevated standing individuals ready to exchange blows with probably the most remarkable leaders out there. However the unadulterated Redmi telephones consistently adhered to a similar recipe – convey strong cell phone involvement with the most secure spending conceivable along these lines amplifying the incentive for cash.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review

The new Redmi 9 is seemingly standing nearer to the its Note partner – the Redmi Note 9 – than any of its forerunners. It has a similar huge 1080p screen and a fundamentally the same as MediaTek chipset, and regardless of whether the cameras have seen a few minimizations they spread the equivalent central lengths, offering for the most part a similar kind of adaptability.

It has brought the value down to simply over €120 – or about 10% of what an iPhone 11 Pro Max costs. Very enticing when you consider that the Redmi 9 at long last does the change to a 1080p screen and offers an enormous battery that should last you for a considerable length of time.

Unboxing the Redmi 9

The Redmi 9 is a spending telephone, however you despite everything get a straightforward case in its retail bundle that fits well around the Redmi 9. The telephone likewise has a pre-applied rather modest screen film for some additional scratch security, yet it was a huge smirch magnet and we disposed of it quick.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review


We do welcome the defensive case, however you should realize that it accompanies a fixing top for the network port. And keeping in mind that it accommodates some water insurance, it was somewhat aggravating expelling it each time we needed to energize the Redmi 9.

18W Fast Charging

The section level nature of the telephone is sold out by the 10W charger in the crate, in spite of it supporting 18W charging. On the off chance that you need to augment that potential you’ll need to get your very own charger, however on the off chance that you will be expediting it at any rate it scarcely has any kind of effect. What’s more, the telephone has the current USB-C port so you may even have a reasonable charger within reach.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review


The Redmi 9 might be one of the most moderate cell phones around, however it surely doesn’t look modest. The new Redmi looks very appealing, accompanies a charming surface on the back, while the huge screen has rather meager bezels. In general, everything looks better than what the cost may recommend.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review

The Redmi 9 is a moderately huge and thick telephone, however that is unavoidable given the 6.53″ show and the burly 5,020 mAh battery inside. All things considered, at about 200g the Redmi 9 doesn’t feel overweight, in truth it about what you’d expect given its impression and thickness.

The 6.53″ IPS LCD 1080p board has adjusted corners as regular and involves nearly the whole front. It has a water drop score for the 8MP selfie camera. The earpiece grille is exceptionally slight and practically undetectable between the glass and the casing. Lamentably, there is no notice LED light on the Redmi 9.

Realistic Look

The presentation is secured by a level bit of Gorilla Glass 3, however Xiaomi is likewise delivery the Redmi 9 with a slight (and rather modest) screen defender. It may accomplish for a month or two, yet on the off chance that you believe you need the additional assurance, at that point you should purchase an appropriate one and supplant it.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review

The Redmi 9 has no casing fundamentally as its back board wraps everything that isn’t screen – something we once called uni body. The entire piece is made of thick and durable plastic, however the creator has applied distinctive completion on the back and the sides, so you can feel where the “outline” closes, and the back starts.


There are no lustrous bits on the Redmi 9’s back board – the sides have matte completion, while the back part includes the pleasant and grippy unique mark like surface. The example closes around the camera arrangement, which helps us to remember the more premium Redmi K30.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review

We have the Sunset Purple rendition of the Redmi 9 and you can see the cool progress from blue to purple on the back. The slope even stretches out to the sides, compensating for an extremely pleasant look.

Camera Build

The camera is distending only a tad, yet nothing that could bargain the experience. Three of the four snappers are vertically adjusted inside a solitary dark glass – the 8MP ultra wide, the 13MP essential, and the 2MP profundity sensor. Underneath those three is the consistently on (and precise) unique mark peruse.

The single LED streak and the 5MP large scale camera get their own little island as an afterthought.

Presently, how about we investigate what’s on the sides of the Redmi 9. We’ll begin with the base, which is the busiest piece – here you’ll discover the speaker, the mouthpiece, the USB-C port and the 3.5mm jack.


The correct side of the Redmi 9 contains the volume and force scratches, the left has the triple card space (so you can embed a microSD card and two SIM cards), and the top houses the IR blaster and the second mic.

Not at all like the Redmi Note 9 arrangement, the Redmi 9 comes up short on such water insurance – be it elastic seals or nano covering. So you should be extra mindful so as not to get any of the openings wet.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review

Taking care of the Redmi 9 is an extraordinary encounter – it is one very grippy telephone and fits very well in a hand. It has a sense of safety regardless of the direction, and by and large, we had no issues while utilizing it. On account of the all-matte completion, fingerprints and smears seldom stick and are difficult to be seen.

Xiaomi is giving a silicone case on the off chance that you need extra assurance for your new Redmi 9. It is your run of the mill straightforward case, yet it accompanies a top for the USB-C port, which is a bad dream to open every single time you need to charge the Redmi 9. We’d scam it, yet perhaps that is simply us.

Software And Performance

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review

Xiaomi Redmi 9 sudden spikes in demand for MIUI 11 that depends on the most recent Android 10 OS. Xiaomi is as of now adding last little details to the MIUI 12 so the update should start flying on Redmi 9 telephones the world over in August 2020. You can open the screen by means of the back mounted unique mark scanner. he exactness is sublime, as well, and by and large, it is superb for your day by day opening. The Redmi 9 backings Dark mode – it will switch all framework hues from white to dark. With MIUI 11 a large portion of the applications bolster Dark mode, and the symbols and their hues have alternative plans to suit it better. Here are the default home screens on Redmi 9.

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review


There’s a climate gadget in the upper right corner opposite an enormous clock gadget. MIUI 11 has refined looks with less mess, and you effectively recognize the Xiaomi endeavors towards moderate structure in the new Settings application. MIUI likewise offers a Security application. It can filter your telephone for malware, deal with your boycott, screen or confine your information utilization, design battery conduct, and let loose some RAM.


Camera Review

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Full Review

The Redmi 9 camera arrangement looks a great deal like the one we saw on the Redmi K30 – the snappers are in vertically adjusted on a raised pill-formed island inside a hover on the back. The four shooters are what you’d anticipate from a spending gadget nowadays – wide, ultra wide, full scale and profundity. The primary camera utilizes a 13MP Omni Vision OV13B10 sensor with 1.12µm pixels and 27mm f/2.2 focal point. It’s the just one to offer self-adjust and it’s of the customary PDAF assortment instead of some fancier innovation. The 118-degree ultra wide-point camera has a 8MP Samsung S5K4H7 ISOCELL sensor with 1.12µm pixels and a 15mm f/2.2 focal point. There is programmed twisting revision applied with no alternative to handicap it. Self-adjust isn’t accessible, you should keep the telephone somewhere in the range of 3cm and 5cm from your subjects to get them in center. The keep going unit on the back is the 2MP profundity sensor. he Redmi 9 has a manual (Pro) mode. It lets you modify all the settings you’d need – white parity, center, ISO, and shade speed. The Pro mode works with the principle camera, the ultra wide, and even the large scale, albeit plainly center settings just apply to the first.


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