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Realme 7 has been announced to Release on 19 November

Realme 7 has been announced to Release on 19 November


Realme is the sub-brand of OPPO but amazingly it has got more popularity all over the world then its main brand OPPO due to its quality, specs and price management. Realme has made its name all over the whole world only in less than three years and is going to get even more popularity. Many of its phones were on the hit list of newly released phones among many countries. Realme makes budget phones but in that low budget it offers maximum specifications and the company tries to give more and more latest features to their users even in low budget. Realme has not only made smart phones but also is making ear buds and watches which are also low budget with great quality. Realme basically originates from India and its offices are spread all around the world due to its popularity. People prefer to buy Realme Phones instead of buying OPPO of Samsung phones.

Realme 7 has been announced to Release on 19 November

Realme 7 5G

Realme gives the latest performance phones in low budget. They offer latest processor and latest cameras with high quality screens and large batteries. Realme’s series is very popular and got the maximum performance. In addition to this Realme offered their newly designed UI which is called as Realme UI and they also released new versions of their UI with latest android version and latest features.

Now it has been announced that Realme’s series is being updated with the new upcoming phone Realme 7 which will also contain 5G technology along with other latest features and hence its name is Realme 7 5G. Realme 7 was released early and also its new version 7i but they didn’t have 5G technology so the company decided to update the versions of Realme 7 with 5G technology and also adding the latest performer kits. This is the lowest budget phones among all other phones of all companies which has 5G and the latest processor which guarantee high end performance and will also be suitable for gaming in future.

Realme 7 has been announced to Release on 19 November

Realme 7 5G and Realme V5 5G

It seems like that Realme 7 5G is an updated version of Realme V5 5G because Realme 7 5G contains almost the same specs as Realme V5 5G contains. Not only the specs but the design on front as well as on the back of Realme 7 5G is also just like Realme V5 5G and here we see a little change in the design. There are many chances that Realme 7 5G will give a look same as Realme V5 5G up to a great extent. Realme 7 5G will be released in November 19 and its ceremony will be live on the official page of Realme on Facebook as well as on twitter, Youtube, Instagram and also other social platforms. So be ready to watch the launch of most low budget 5G phone being released by Realme.

Brief Specs

Here we will discuss some of the specs of Realme 7 5G. Some of these are announced by the company and others are expected to be. The company hasn’t yet released a proper list of specifications of Realme 7 5G. In fact they just gave a brief introduction of specs. Here are some of the specs given below:

Realme 7 has been announced to Release on 19 November

The screen will be of size 6.5″ with full HD display and having a greater refresh rate of 90HZ best for high end gaming. The phone has also good quality cameras. There is a 48MP camera placed on rear while the front camera is a punch-hole 16MP camera. The phone has a 5000mAh larger battery in order to do proper gaming and having a large battery backup. There is also a plus point of fast charging of 30W which will charge phone fully in about an hour. So no time to wait for the phone to fully charge.

Realme 7 has been announced to Release on 19 November

More specs will be listed on our website as company will announce its specs so stay tuned with us and keep visiting Android Tech App.  

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