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Realme 6i/6S Full Review

Realme 6i/6S Full Review


Today, Realme detailed the Realme 6i for the Indian market, and we are extremely bold for you. Before we get parting, we should clear up some confusion.

The Realme 6i for the Indian market is a renamed variety of the overall Realme 6s.Realme 6i/6S Full Review


The overall Realme 6i is a substitute model totally, selling in India under the name Narzo 10.

Powerful Phones Yet

Finally, both the Realme 6i for India and the Realme 6s for the overall market are for all intents and purposes indistinct from the Realme 6, yet have a fairly limited guideline camera. This one is available in the two regions. Desire this makes dynamically comprehended.

Brief Review

Since it takes after the Realme 6, the Indian Realme 6i, which we have for hands-on today, has a 6.5-inch IPS LCD of 1080p objective and a 90Hz high empower rate, which is a key differentiated at this INR 13,000/15,000 worth point.

Realme 6i/6S Full Review

Rather than the Realme 6, which has a 64MP basic camera, the Indian Realme 6i uses a 48MP Quad-Bayer unit. The rest of the cameras are unclear over every one of the three contraptions – a 8MP ultrawide, 2MP full scale and significance sensors and a 16MP selfie camera, embedded into a punch opening inside the grandstand.

Realme 6i/6S Unboxing

Realme 6i/6S Full Review

The chipset is moreover the identical Helio G90T octa-focus unit, coordinated with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. The Realme 6i has a 4,300 battery that supports 30W charging – more on that underneath. We said the phone supports 30W charging, anyway Realme have bundled a 20W one in the compartment to limit costs. Realme will give people a choice of Eclipse Black and Lunar White tints and two courses of action – 4/64GB and 6/64GB. The entry level model costs INR 12,999 (€150, changed over) while including 2GB of RAM gets you up to INR 14,999 (€170, changed over).

Realme UI

Realme 6i/6S Full Review

The Realme 6i accompanies Realme’s own UI on head of Android 10. It includes a generally ongoing June 5 security fix as of composing this in July, a clean UI that is near vanilla Android with straightforward homescreens, oversimplified warning/flips region, and simple to-utilize task switcher. The Realme UI underpins diverse symbol packs, so in the event that you are not content with the default one, you can decide on material style, stones, or you can even completely modify them by your enjoying.

Useful Settings

There are a great deal of useful assets inside the settings menu in the event that you need full power over your Android OS. Or then again you can leave everything with no guarantees and appreciate bother free Android experience streamlined by Realme’s AI calculations and AI. At last, the Realme UI underpins 90Hz and is shown in 90fps – which means it looks rich smooth and blasting quick on high-invigorate rate screens, for example, this one.


The Realme 6i uses the Helio G90T, which is a better than average choice at this cost run. The chip relies upon the 12nm gathering process and uses an octa-focus CPU (2×2.05 GHz Cortex-A76 and 6×2.0 GHz Cortex-A55) and a gaming-capable Mali-G76 MC4 GPU.

Realme 6i/6S Full Review

It won’t be adequate to drive present day AAA gaming titles on the Google Play Store at more than 60 fps yet for less unpredictable game delineations, you should probably have the choice to use the high resuscitate rate screen with a correspondingly high framerate.

The chipset itself is also joined with a twofold layer graphite and copper foil for improved warmth dispersal. Here are a few benchmarks to see how it stacks against the restriction and its predecessors.


The section level Realme 6i ships with 4GB of RAM, yet we’d shell out for the 6GB model, if possible, as it will have any sort of impact in playing out various errands.

It’s nothing sudden that the Realme 6i offers organizing execution to the Realme 6, seeing how they share a chipset. The Helio G90T barely beats the Snapdragon 720G inside the Realme 6 Pro and successfully overwhelms the Helio G80 inside the Realme Narzo 10.


Here’s a Realme family picture from the Indian market – from left to right you have the Realme 6, the Realme Narzo 10 (Realme 6i globally) and the Realme 6i (Realme 6S comprehensive). The two phones on either side are indistinct, while the Realme Narzo 10 is to some degree taller, paying little heed to having a comparable screen size.

Realme 6i/6S Full Review

Plan savvy, the Realme 6i looks a conventional mobile phone of today. Simply the front uses glass – it’s Gorilla Glass 3, to be positive – while the back is made of polycarbonate. The edge is parts aluminum and part plastic.

Simple Packaging

Moving to the side packaging, we like the clickiness of the power button, which has the one of a kind finger impression peruser introduced in it. The one of a kind imprint peruser position is ideal for right hand use. Picking the phone with your left hand, you can either open it using the face affirmation feature or register your inside or index finger on your left hand.

On the opposite side are the volume gets – two individual, charmingly clickey ones.

Realme 6i/6S Full Review

The SIM plate is our most cherished tri-card one – it can use two SIMs and a microSD card at the same time

The Realme 6i’s basics are at the base – the USB-C port is here, the speaker, the sound jack, and, clearly, the mic. It’s fair that Realme included both a USB-C and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the 6i.


Realme 6i/6S Full Review

The Realme 6 has a determinedly prettier example on the back board. The comet-like completion on the Realme 6i loses all sense of direction in the obscurity of our audit model. There’s a little ebb and flow to the front board for included solace while the back has a progressively articulated bend to the sides. We would have valued more ebb and flow however.

Front Side

The front of the gadget accompanies meager side bezels while the top and base come out somewhat thicker. The punch-opening camera configuration is especially fascinating, however, as the camera itself looks somewhat greater than expected while the bezel around it is shockingly flimsy. Possibly a focused plan would have been something more, in spite of the fact that we saw this as very abstract. The Realme 6i isn’t exceptionally overwhelming for a 6.5-incher at 191g. It fits well close by and in pockets, because of its thin profile, gives enough grasp to be utilized securely even without its case, or more all – has an incredible structure for a spending telephone.

Realme 6i/6S Full Review

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