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How to Start Freelancing on Fiverr Brief Introduction

How to Start Freelancing on Fiverr Brief Introduction

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the most popular platform for freelancing. It is most popular due to its ease of use because a person who is quite unknown to freelancing on fiverr can easily start his/her own work on fiverr and can do freelancing easily. Don’t know about freelancing just check my article here on introduction to freelancing.

How to Start Freelancing on Fiverr Brief Introduction

In February 2010 Fiverr was founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. They came up with the idea of a two-sided platform in which they provide service to buyer as well as a seller. Fiverr grew up very fastly in the world. Each service provided in the fiverr is called a GIG. By 2013 fiverr became a platform with hosting over 1.3 million gigs. This clearly shows its popularity all over the world. In 2012 according to US records Fiverr was among the 100 most popular websites in America and among 200 most popular websites all over the world.

Now Fiverr is the most popular freelancing website all over the world and many big companies started advertising it to increase their business and also they started purchasing all the services online through fiverr which satisfied them. In this way FIverr became more popular than ever.

What is a “GIG”?

How to Start Freelancing on Fiverr Brief Introduction

As I have mentioned above that any service provided by a seller to buyer is called gig. Gig is the main source that joins a buyer to seller. When on fiverr a buyer searches for a service then a lots of services appear in front of him and these services are in the form of gigs. Fiverr could just mentions a specific person’s skill when a buyer searched for it but they didn’t do that. They provided an option of gig to briefly explain a person’s service and skills. Now it is up to the seller that how beautifully he can show his skills to the buyer. That’s the main reason why fiverr is the most popular platform in this regard. In the next articles I will show you how to create gigs and express your skills on fiverr. I will also show you how to optimize the fiverr gig in order to receive more orders in a less time.

How should you grow your business like others?


This is a frequently asked question especially the one who is inspired by a high level freelancer. Here is the perfect answer to this question. During freelancing when you start receiving your orders, here is the best opportunity to grow your freelancing business. Fiverr is the best platform to grow your business in this regard easily.

How to Start Freelancing on Fiverr Brief Introduction


When you confirm a lot of orders on fiverr then you don’t have enough time to do each and every task, so you can hire some persons of related fields to help complete your orders and you can pay them for their tasks and take your commission if you want to. The other option is that the specific field in which you are receiving orders you can hire some persons of that field permanently to complete you upcoming orders and it’s up to you how much you can pay to them. These are the two major options which most of the freelancers I have seen use to grow their business on fiverr and to build their freelancing career.

Why should you choose Fiverr?

How to Start Freelancing on Fiverr Brief Introduction

Many people ask that there are thousands of freelancing websites but why they should choose only fiverr for freelancing? Why is Fiverr good for them? So your answers are in front of you. Fiverr is the easiest platform to start freelancing and it is the most popular which means that you have the greater opportunity to grow your career as a freelancer in a less time. Another advantage of it is that you don’t need some extra time to understand fiverr process and terms because it is quite easy.

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