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Best IOS launchers for Android- Make Your Phone Feel Like Apple

Best IOS launchers for Android- Make Your Phone Feel Like Apple


Android and iOS have been drawing nearer each spending year yet at the same time incredibly vary regarding experience. The Android interface is progressively adaptable and offers huge amounts of customization alternatives while the iOS is liquid yet static, and is somewhat prohibitive essentially. Anyway, we are not here to talk about the preferences and impediments of the OS yet to reveal to you that you can appreciate the two interfaces on your gadget, that is just in the event that you are an Android client. Indeed, with the assistance of some outsider applications, you can get that taste iOS on your Android telephone also.

1. Launcher iOS 13

Launcher iOS 13

This is the most straightforward approach to give your Android telephone iPhone interface. With the Launcher iOS 13, you can imitate Apple’s lead telephone on any Android cell phone. The launcher won’t just put the new iOS 13 skin on head of Android however make it look and capacity like an iPhone. What’s more, on the off chance that you have a bezel-less or indent show telephone, you couldn’t imagine anything better than to see the iPhone-X like score it includes head of your screen.

2. Launcher iPhone

Launcher iPhone is one of the most steady iOS launchers to jump on your Android telephone. The application is a clone of what you jump on iPhone interface and it does it with a gigantic degree of exactness.

Launcher iPhone

The launcher once included will include a similar level iOS progress impacts, alongside showing symbol packs and framework symbols on your telephone. It will have application symbols spread around your home screen, much the same as iPhone, yet since the application has customization choice you can undoubtedly alter it as indicated by your taste.

Favorable Features

Another favorable position with One Launcher is that you can classifications your telephone applications. Along these lines it will be simple for you to search for a specific application relying upon the sort of work you’ll wind up doing on your telephone.

3. Control Center iOS 13

Control Center iOS 13

Next up, we have Control Center 13 which is another choice one can consider for iOS-experience on Android telephone. The application can convey iOS-like impacts with a smooth interface and is available to customization, which is one thing that everyone couldn’t want anything more than to work around.

Another bit of leeway of Control Center 13 application is that it is good even with the section grade telephones.

4. iLauncher for OS 11

iLauncher for OS 11

The iLauncher for OS 12 makes it to this rundown on account of its straightforwardness and simplicity of working. With a straightforward tap, it will supplant your Android telephone symbols with that of iOS symbols. Be that as it may, it confines the customization alternative along these lines keeping the launcher to a great extent static.

Aside from this, the application is lightweight and quick.

5. Control Panel

Control Panel

This specific application brings the iPhone like control place to your Android gadget. Inside the control board, you have alternate route flips like WiFi, Bluetooth, light, quiet mode, screen break, Bluetooth, and multi-practical choices like expanding or diminishing volume or the brilliance level of the telephone. In the event that you have pined for the Control Center for Android, Control Panel – Smart Toggle is the one for you.

6. X Launcher for Phone X Max

X Launcher for Phone X Max

This iOS copy launcher is professed to be delicate on your memory assets without taking up a ton of CPU cycles. This is one significant perspective to consider while picking a launcher on the grounds that the launcher applications are continually running out of sight and require memory designation at startup. This application gives clients close iPhone involvement in comparative interface and lock screen notices.

7. iOS 12 Launcher

iOS 12 Launcher

This launcher gives you the vibe of the most recent iPhone X with iOS 12 interface and apple-enlivened backdrops. The notices are likewise accessible in the control community simply like in the iPhone. You can get to climate data, most loved contacts and schedule in the iOS 12 launcher style. It even has adjusted screen corners to make your android telephone look like iPhone.

8. One Launcher

One Launcher

One Launcher is point of fact the best launcher you can have in the event that you need the iOS interface pressed with some cool customization highlights. Alongside iPhone-looks, it is additionally the most element rich among its rivals. When you introduce One Launcher and open the application, an early on screen comes up alongside a catch that says “Understanding”. When you hit the “Experience” button, the application takes you directly to the iOS-like homescreen. The primary thing you will see is that it prevails with regards to looking precisely like iOS 9. The symbols, which despite the fact that are a smidgen extraordinary, look particularly equivalent to you would have seen on an iPhone.

Much of IOS

Much the same as on iOS, you can squeeze hold an application or symbol to move them around or make an organizer. Press holding in an open zone on the homescreen carries alternate ways to Effects, Wallpapers, Themes, Preferences, Gesture Setting and that’s just the beginning. The launcher additionally brings applications like OneSearch, memory cleaner and an “All Apps” symbol. The All Apps symbol gives all of you the applications you have introduced arranged one after another in order in a level rundown.

One Launcher

On the left most page of the homescreen, you will discover an envelope named “One Tools”, which highlights launcher Preferences, SingleHandMode, Theme, Battery Saver and One Wallpaper. Inclinations are the place you would discover the settings for the launcher. In the “Inclinations” page, there’s a choice to set the “One Launcher” as the default launcher, which you can likewise do by going into Settings->Home. The launcher likewise brings a “Notice Toggle”, which as the name proposes includes a column of switches in the notice conceal. There’s capacity to pick between switches or “Fast Search”.

9. I Launcher OS

I Launcher OS

I Launcher OS and Launcher 8 Pretty are essentially indistinguishable applications. They have a similar interface and a similar arrangement of not many settings. They don’t have numerous highlights however in any event you get the iOS home screen on your Android cell phone with no object. When you click the application, you are taken to the iOS like home screen.

Customization Options

There are relatively few customization choices here. You can change the foundation backdrop, move around applications and make organizers. Interestingly, both I Launcher OS and Launcher 8 Pretty don’t make any issues your telephone’s exhibition. They run easily and there are no falters or slacks.

The main issue we discovered is that in the event that you have a cell phone with on-screen route catches (which we have), the catches will cover on the launcher. They have full-page promotions that appear just in the “Launcher Settings” screen yet it is still can be a disturbance in any case.

Iphone Launcher experience

These are the best iOS launcher that you can have on your Android-fueled cell phone. This will give you a close iPhone-like experience which could be a reviving difference in pace. Nonetheless, it ought to be thought about that these applications are just here to let you experience iOS interface, they won’t improve the presentation of your telephone in any way.

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